4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Business Needs

When you’re setting up a small business, whether it be writing, marketing, or even creating a product, a whole whirlwind of excitement just hits hard and heavy. You know you have a lot to do, you have to try to succeed with, and you also know that you have a lot of learning to do as well. While you’re working on setting up your business or even growing it, there can be things that you completely forgot or didn’t realise the significance of. If you want to build a successful business,  then one of the first steps is to not overlook and to always stay thorough. These are some helpful tips for things you didn’t know your business needs!

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Readily available contact information

No matter what your business is offering, people need to be able to contact you. Potential customers may need to ask you questions and make orders. This should go a step further than having a contact form or email address on your website. These two options are great and should be on your website, it’s best to have multiple ways to get in touch with you and your employees. 

Some people are old fashioned and they prefer making phone calls. Phone calls are a great way of getting an answer immediately, and if there is an emergency this is going to help as well. So, it would help a lot to look into VoIP telephone systems and get a phone number. This way, you don’t need to give out your personal phone number and you’re still able to give and accept phone calls.


While “security” can be a very broad term, everyone, regardless whether they’re a business owner or not, will need security. If you’re running a business that’s online then your website needs security, your phone needs security, your computer, and all of your other devices.It’s a lot, isn’t it? Both physical security and cyber security are crucial for keeping your business protected (including yourself and your employees).  If you own a shop or some sort of physical business you’ll need to think of cyber security as well as physical security. 

This can include items such as cameras, motion detection lights, and alarm systems. You shouldn’t forget about financial security as well. While physical and cyber security can play a role in your financial security, you also play a major in how funds are spent. Remember, many small businesses fail within their first five years due to poor spending habits. 

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Having an online presence

Even if you’re going to be a freelancer, you’ll still need to have an online presence. Sure, the idea of doing this type of labour if it isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t sound very nice but it is a must.  Regardless if you’re someone who detests the idea of being online, nowadays most businesses need it if they want to thrive.

 This doesn’t immediately mean you need to set up a Facebook account (though it probably wouldn’t hurt), instead, focus on ways you can get your business discovered. Most businesses need a website, and most clients and customers will find it too alarming if there is little to no information online about a certain person or business. Having a social media account helps as it allows people to search for ratings or even get a general idea of what you offer. 

So if you’re a freelance writer, then look into creating a portfolio, if you’re aiming to be a social media manager, aim to create an engaging website and social media profiles. SEO is also another very important component for businesses to get discovered today and this marketing method should be practiced. Don’t be afraid to get your name out there, having an online presence doesn’t need to be expensive or scary.  


When you’re addressing what your business really needs, you should also try to think and compare what other businesses have versus what you have and need. You’d be surprised about the number of business owners who don’t realise that they need insurance. All businesses need insurance, even freelancers do too! It’s especially important to have insurance if you’re physically dealing with clients, have a storefront, and have employees. These three reasons are especially important, but in general, it’s so crucial to look into getting insurance for your business.

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