5 Skills That Every Successful Female Entrepreneur Has

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Girl boss. Mamapreneur. Woman in business. Whatever it is that you want to call yourself, being a successful female entrepreneur can be tough going. Despite coming a long way in recent years, women are still having to fight hard to get themselves seen and heard in business.

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Every successful female entrepreneur has something in common, and that is the following skills:

They can motivate themselves, even when things are tough

When giving up is just not an option, what do you do? When nothing seems to be going your way, what do you do? It can be tempting to jack it all in and settle for an easy life, but is that what you really want? Successful female entrepreneurs never quit. They keep going, even when things are rough. remind yourself of why you started – I have to tell myself it is so I can be there to pick my children up from school and go to their class assemblies and sports days.

They can create an emotional connection with their clients and customers

Chrissy Weems goes into this in more detail in her TED talk, where she talks about the incredibly successful business her then-14-year-old daughter set up, but essentially, every successful female entrepreneur will have the skills to build an emotional connection with their customers, whatever industry they are in, Going that extra mile for your client or customer and making them feel much more than a simple business transaction can be the difference between success and not.

They know tasks they need help with

No successful female entrepreneur on this planet knows how to do it all. There are so many aspects involved in the business – content writing for your website, search engine optimization, website design, social media management, accounts, human resources, marketing – and while you might be excellent in one area, you might need a little help in another. When you first start your business, you need to assess your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can create a plan to bridge the gap. This might be taking classes to help you develop your skills, or turning to outsource to get some of the jobs done. I know that I really struggle with coding, so I pay my hosting company (Stablepoint) to help me out there, or ask my friend Maria from The Surburban Mum for help!

They are organized

“Systems are the essential building blocks of every successful business.”

It is almost impossible to be a successful female entrepreneur without some level of organization. It is essential for your business and your sanity. The best way to stay organized is to create systems and processes for your business and automate as many tasks as you can. A decent planner is always the best starting point – at the moment, I LOVE the Awesome Marketing Planner System from The Girls Mean Business because it has all sorts of useful sections, but even a simple diary with plenty of space in can be a great starting to point. If you organise other people, a workflow management tool such as Trello or Asana can be useful – but these are also great for organising yourself. Keep accounts up to date as well ready for when you have to submit accounts. Not doing this was one of the biggest mistakes I made at first – I’ve soon learned my lesson from that one!

They know their ideal client or customer

Finally, a successful female entrepreneur knows their ideal customer. Whatever field or industry you are in, you have one. It is important that when you are setting up your business, you know who this person or these people are – what they are looking for, the issues they have, the budget they have and how you can meet all of these things while achieving your own goals. Your marketing needs to be geared towards them – if you don’t have this custom persona in your mind, you will end up reaching too far and potentially missing out on the people you really want to target.

I’ve created an 8-page workbook to go along with this post. You can grab a copy by clicking the image below. 

Successful Female Entrepreneur workbook
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