8 Tips to Improve Employee Retention

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If you want to level up and grow your small business, you can look to your employees to make this happen. However, while you might hire some of the most promising talents in your industry, there’s no guarantee that they will stick around for the long haul. 

And this is where many businesses falter. Employee retention can be a struggle for small businesses. But why does this happen? Everything from a lack of opportunities to mis-sold roles can all play a factor, so it’s vital that you know how to transform your workplace culture and make your office a good place to work. 

Know What Makes a Good Workplace 

A good workplace is the first thing that you must consider when trying to improve employee retention. Your office is where your team spends most of their time, so it’s imperative to know what they are looking for and the type of atmosphere they desire. 

Of course, every employee is different. So, it can be tricky to cultivate an atmosphere that works for everybody. Knowing what is causing the turnover can enable you to fix any problems, and this will immediately help make your office a better place to work. 

Improve Your Safety Procedures 

Employees expect a level of safety when they walk through the door every morning. As the manager, it’s up to you to provide this safety for them. The type of safety procedures will vary between industries, and office-based jobs won’t necessarily require the same policies as factories or warehouses. 

Still, if you want to improve the overall safety within your workplace, health and safety consultants can help identify potential issues and offer advice. These consultants will find problems that you may not have noticed and can guide you towards making significant improvements. 

Make Sure the Job Fits the Description

One of the most frustrating things for job searchers is when they finally get a job only to find out that the job title does not match the job they are expected to perform. This will immediately put them off your workplace and ruin any trust they may have had for you to begin with. 

To avoid this, transparency in the role is essential. If you expect new hires to fulfil several duties, then highlight which duties they are. The more honest you are about the role, the less chance someone will quit after a week. It doesn’t hurt to include the salary, either, as you shouldn’t expect candidates to take time out of their day for a role that isn’t even worth it. 

Offer The Chance to Progress 

Ambitious employees will always look for the chance to progress in their career, and if you do not offer them the chance at your workplace, they will look elsewhere. This means you risk losing some of the best talents to competitors all because you didn’t give them the tools to move up in their career, 

Management training programs and offering additional responsibility will all make your employees feel involved and trusted. With enough time, they can eventually take on more significant responsibilities and move into senior roles. Of course, you can’t offer these roles to everyone, so some employees may need to wait, or they will eventually move on if they do not get the role they hoped they would. 

Understand the Human 

Behind every employee is a person. The attitude towards this has shifted dramatically over the past two or three years, and successful businesses are those that recognise the human. 

This means you shouldn’t expect them to be at their desk from 9 to 5 each day, especially if they have shown efficiency and quality. Instead, allowing flexible working so they can visit the bank, go to the doctor or pick the kids up from school will reduce stress and make it easier for them to balance their lifestyle. 

Promote Inclusivity 

An inclusive workplace should be something that every manager works to achieve. But, if you are not used to promoting inclusivity, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

It is much easier than you might anticipate, though. You must embrace education through workshops and listen to your employees should they make complaints about insensitivity and other problems. For businesses with a diverse range of employees, there might be some issues, and working to prevent and solve these problems will do wonders for your company’s success. 

Push for Sustainability 

Likewise, sustainability is more than a trend. It is something any business whether great or small should put a strong emphasis on. Not only will this attract and retain the next generation of employees, but it will also boost your reputation throughout your industry. 

No change is too small for small businesses to consider when transforming their sustainability efforts. It might feel like you aren’t making much of a difference, but each step goes in the right direction. The more you focus on sustainable practices, from your supplier to shipping and more, the better your workplace will be. 

Pay Them What They Deserve 

There has been plenty of talk surrounding equal pay, and it feels like a conversation that is never going away. There is a good reason for this, though, as fair and equal pay will encourage your employees to remain with your company for as long as possible. 

Sometimes, your team might feel they do the work of several people. This can equal strange hours, late nights, and plenty of stress. You must offer them a salary that reflects their hard work. Otherwise, they will find another job that will pay them a fair wage. 

Better Talent 

Loyal and hardworking employees are a cornerstone of any successful business. But you shouldn’t expect your team to stay with you just because your company is new and exciting. People want to know they have the opportunity to progress and grow. They want fair and equal pay, and they want to know that the company is preparing for the future. If you get these basics down – and ensure you remember other essentials – you’ll have no trouble retaining your team. 

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