From Blog to Vlog: How To Stay On-Trend

The digital era has evolved very quickly over a short period of time, and social media is moving forward with innovative and exciting platforms for promoting yourself, your brand, and your business. Now, we live in a face-paced world with highly visceral imagery and live interactions. We can go from zero to hero in just one viral video or tweet.

Photo by Fox from Pexels

With so many people using social media to promote their passions or stand up and have their say, how can we be sure that we stay current and on-trend? Especially if we rely on the engagement of our followers to help us make a living? 

Many of us started online with blogging. For some, this started as Facebook statuses and then organically grew into a blog platform. The success of blogging was huge in the naughties but began in 1994 when was created by a student called Justin Hall. Readers want to feel connected to you, and the blog gave us the power to educate, inspire, and inform. The best thing was, all we needed was a computer and a website, and we could fire off blog after blog, sharing and promoting via Twitter and Facebook.

YouTube saw an army of new bloggers emerge. The Vlogger. With one of the very first Vlogs being uploaded on YouTube in April 2005 by Jawed Karim. His clip Me At The Zoo has 97m views to date. Of course, in today’s world, current Vlogs can be viewed by billions in a short space of time, especially when the channel that a Vlog is on has 35 million subscribers! Jawed’s Vlog kick-started an exciting new world which ultimately led to Instagram soaring in popularity for its video content, the rise of the Influencer, and new media such as TikTok. It also saw Vlogging grow into a professional industry with some influencers pulling in fully managed IT support to help them keep online 24/7! Vlogging is now a multi-million dollar business! 

When Instagram introduced their story feed, it was inspired by Snapchat – although Snapchat has been popular amongst a younger audience, it is still not as successful for Vloggers as Instagram. Here you can mix both a Vlog and a Blog which gives you access to a broader audience. You can also use Instagram to promote a product or even make sales. Giving you more ability to make money from what you do. 

So how can you make the transition between the two, if you have been a diehard Blogger for as long as you remember? It’s all about the tech—GoPro’s, Drones, video editing software. You can learn how to use it online, or you could make the most of your smartphone and app-based editing software. Then, translate your passion for writing into a passion for video content, and you’re set. 

You don’t have to Vlog every day, but try to add one or two Vlogs into your blog. To mix things up, stay on trend and get ahead of the game. 

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