Getting Back Into Work

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If you have kids, you may have taken some time off work during your maternity leave or in raising them. This is completely standard procedure for the majority of us. But not all of us want to be stay at home moms forever. While this is a great option for some, there are others who will crave a return to work and the working environment. Perhaps you have a certain industry you’re passionate about. Perhaps you have a skill that you want to make use of. Maybe you’d like to get involved in a role that helps others on a day to day basis. Whatever your reason for wanting to get back into work, it’s important to remember that this is a legitimate option that you can achieve. Of course, getting back into this lifestyle can feel a little daunting, so what steps should you take to get the ball rolling? The key is to find a role that will tick all of your boxes. Here’s some advice that can help you to achieve this!

Consider What Role You Want to Undertake

First, ask yourself, what do I want to do? Chances are you have a position in mind that you want to pursue. Next, ask yourself why you want to undertake this role. What will it bring to your life that will benefit you? Will it provide you with a stable and good income to support yourself and your family? Will it provide you with a creative outlet? Will it allow you to let out that competitive side in yourself? Will it give you a sense of fulfilment from contributing to a good cause or helping others? Do you want to be employed or freelance? You need to make sure your chosen role is something that you will actively enjoy and be happy to get up and do each day.

Consider What It Takes to Get the Role

Now, before you dive straight into the application process, it’s important to make sure that you have everything required to be considered for the position. Take a look at job listings and pick out similar requirements that pop up in a few. You may need a specific level of education, such as a degree or master’s degree. You might need to have completed a specific training course. For example, you may need a care certificate to unlock the start of your care career journey. You might need to work your way up through an apprenticeship. Look into requirements and ensure you can commit to providing them before even applying.

Applying for the Role

Once you’re set and ready to go, it’s time to start job hunting. The best place to look out is jobs boards, such as Indeed or LinkedIn. Browse different options on offer and note down the ones you want to apply for. Then write individual CVs for each, making sure you note down all the qualifications that have been requested and that you have. Then, submit your application. Hopefully, a recruiter will be back in touch with you quickly.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when getting back into work. But some of the guidance above should help you along the way!

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