Great Ways To Green Your Business

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‘Greening’ your business and making it eco-friendly and sustainable doesn’t mean that you have to reduce your total material production, but it does require you to use energy and resources more wisely and minimise current waste sources.

A U.S survey found that nearly half of consumers would change their purchasing habits to reduce their perceived personal impact on our global ecosystem.

The customers surveyed purchased an estimated $128.5 billion worth of sustainable products in 2018.  The following suggestions will help your company to attract this growing audience of green customers and employees.

1. Leave the car at home

As a business owner looking for a new site, consider places with easy access to bike lanes and transportation and encourage workers to walk, drive or carpool to work. By providing customers with rail, bike and pedestrian access to your enterprise, they may choose to give you some of the extra money in their pocket.

2. Break the addiction to convenience

In 2017, Americans created 267.8 million tonnes of municipal solid waste. By reducing the number of everyday single-use products used by your employees, you can reduce waste production and the environmental footprint simultaneously. A good example of this is the single cup coffee makers that can now be found in many offices. A large tin of coffee beans will produce over a hundred cups of coffee at a fraction of the price of non-recyclable, single-serve coffee pods.

As well as having clearly labelled recycling bins, analyse your workplace and identify all the ways in which you can potentially reduce waste. Instead of buying paper cups and plastic bottles of water for your employees and customers, allow people to bring their own cups and refillable bottles of water. If you have an office kitchen for staff, compost the kitchen waste in your own bin and use bulk containers for condiments rather than single-use plastic servings.

3. Switch to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing platforms such as Google Apps, Apple iCloud, and Microsoft Office 365 allow employees to exchange and access information from anywhere, minimising travel costs, carbon emissions, and printing costs for your small business.

When company information is stored in the cloud, there is no need for the business to purchase and maintain expensive power-intensive servers.

4. Practice green procurement

One of the best ways to make the company more environmentally sustainable is to embrace green procurement. It includes the procurement of goods and services that are manufactured and distributed in a sustainable manner. Sourcing local suppliers rather than those based far away is a good place to start.

Review your procurement procedures to make sure that goods that you buy are:

  • Produced in a sustainable manner
  • Do not contain toxic materials or ozone-depleting chemicals
  • Can be recycled and/or made from recycled products
  • Are made from renewable materials
  • Do not use unnecessary packaging
  • Are meant to be recycled and not to be disposed of

5. Organizing sustainable partnerships

One of the best ways to make your business more environmentally friendly is by working with like-minded people and organisations in your community.

Through engaging with groups and lawyers such as Douglas Healy, working close to the core of the local business, government and environmental concerns, the organisation will potentially gain a better insight into where community resources are being wasted and have a better chance of speaking directly to your consumers ‘ concerns.

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