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I don’t know about you, but this time of year makes me want to get all organized and on top of things. I think a lot of it is to do with the start of a fresh new notebook or planner, like my superb 2020 Marketing Planner from The Girls Mean Business. I find when I am more organized, I work much more efficiently, and that means I earn more money, which, let’s face it, is the end goal here!

organize your blog life

However, thinking about getting organized and actually knowing where to start are two very different things, and sometimes, it takes finding out how someone else does things to get you going. I love reading about how other people organize their blogs or businesses, and I thought it might be useful to share how I do mine. You’ll probably notice that the examples I have shown you are from my other blog, Coffee Cake Kids, simply because that is a little more established at the moment. However, I am implementing all of those strategies across both blogs!

A filing system

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved filing things and messing about with folders and the like. I reckon I would make a very good secretary or personal assistant to someone. However, these days the amount of physical filing I have to do is minimum – almost everything is digital now. For too long, I had no digital filing system set up and it made it very difficult to find something I needed.

I now pretty much use Google Drive for most of my blog work. I have folders set up there for both of my blogs, where I keep any drafts, images, spreadsheets and the like. Each one is titled and dated in the same format, so I know where to look when I need something. It’s quite basic, but I think that’s why it works!

A workflow management system

Because I have so many projects going on at one time – two blogs, multiple freelance clients and some social media management – I find it really easy to lose track of what I’m doing. A workflow management tool helps me to keep on top of things and keep track. I’ve tried many versions over the years, but I now tend to use Asana. I use it to remind me of which projects need doing, which ones I have made a start on, which ones are completed and which ones I’m waiting for payment for. I didn’t find it the most intuitive tool, to begin with, but a bit of perseverance and practice and I now love it. I’m a really visual person, so being able to move the blocks across keeps me focused.

An editorial calendar

On my other blog, Coffee Cake Kids, I post a weekly meal plan. This is because there is nothing worse than standing there every day and trying to work out what I am going to make for dinner. My editorial calendar is a little bit like that – I like to know each week (or each month, as I try to plan ahead as far as possible!) where I have space on my blog and what needs doing. At the beginning of each month, I go into my editorial calendar and put in any of the regular posts that I do, and any that I know need posting on a specific date. Then I know which days I have free to work on. At the moment, I use the WordPress editorial calendar, but I have used CoSchedule in the past.

A blog post checklist

This is just a list at the back of my notebook, and while I do generally have it all in my head now, I still find it useful to have next to me to check off once I have written a post. I’ll be popping a printable version of it on here very soon, but essentially, it includes things such as proofreading, labeling images, adding internal and external links, pinnable images and everything else I do to make sure it is perfectly optimized and looking it’s very best.

Spreadsheets galore

I bloody love me a spreadsheet. I tend to do all of mine on Google Sheets, so I can access them on my phone or wherever I am. I have various ones, some of which are useful and others which aren’t so. The two that I use (almost) every day are my blog post sheet and my accounts. Accounts speak for themselves – whenever I get paid for a job or pay out anything related to my blog or my freelance work, I record it straight on there. Doing it as and when makes it much easier to keep track, especially when it comes to doing my tax returns. The blog one is where I keep a record of every blog post I do. I have a sheet for each month, and on that is the date, the title, the long URL and the Bitly link (which I use for sharing on Twitter), and whether it is an organic post, sponsored post or review.

What are your tips for organizing your blog?

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