Spring Clean Your Blog Branding With These Tips

Your blog is your brand.

It encompasses who you are and what you are all about.

That means that every so often, you need to give your blog branding an overhaul. You don’t stay the same – things change, your mindset changes, your goals and dreams change – and your blog branding will need to change to reflect that.

Many people think that branding is all about the colour scheme that you use and your logo. And yes, that is a significant part of it. But it is much more than that.

Here, we are going to look at how you can sping clean your blog branding and give it a new lease of life for a new season.

Be clear with your focus

This is particularly important if you are thinking of taking your blog in a new direction. You need to spend some time defining this direction and being crystal clear to both you and your readers about where you are heading with it. Your blog should have a purpose, a focus. Make sure everyone knows what it is.

Does your blog need a new name or domain?

If you are just making a few minor tweaks, this may not be necessary, but if you are going in a whole new direction with your blog, a new name or domain – or both – might be needed. Do your research first; spend some time brainstorming ideas and checking to ensure all of the social handles to match are available. Switching domains is a big thing – you want to get it right. if necessary, get a professional to do it all for you to build up your 1again as quickly as possible and set up redirects and so on.

Give it a makeover

Now, this can be the fun part of a rebrand – playing about with new logos, colour schemes, graphics and so on. Some bloggers like to hand over the reins to a professional web designer and get them to do it all so they can sit back and enjoy the finished product. Others prefer to get stuck in and have a go at it themselves. If you are in the latter camp, there are plenty of resources out there to help you – a free fonts website, for example, and software such as Photoshop and Elements to help you create new logos.

Don’t just focus on the way it looks though. Make sure it is easy to navigate and loads quickly. Both of these things impact your SEO and therefore search engine ranking, so make sure there is no unnecessary clutter slowing down page loading speeds.

Update your social media

You want cohesion across your blog and social media presence, so go onto the various platforms and spend some time updating name changes (some platforms make this harder than others – we are looking at you, Facebook!) and images and bios. Use this as a chance to reach out to your followers again, especially if you have been quiet on social media during the rebranding process.

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