What Goals to Set as a Freelancer

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Being a freelancer is very different from other businesses as you are capable of complete flexibility. For some people, success is defined by a rigid set of high flying parameters that cannot be altered. For others, they require a base level amount of money or work during the work, and to receive anything else is a bonus. But what are some of the goals that you can set for yourself as a freelancer?

Amount of money

This is one of the most common goals that most people like to set. Having this type of goal doesn’t make you greedy. The simple fact is, money is a universal system that is used by people all over the world. And, everyone needs money to survive. You don’t need a huge goal of earning a million (although it’s not a bad one to have) but you could have a basic amount that you would like to earn in a week to keep your home running and bills paid.


When you work for yourself, the only person who will be impressed by your qualifications is you. However, there does come a time when your education and training comes into use. A degree can be an expensive piece of paper but it is also an investment. Taking on certain types of business training such as okr training can help you understand the business you are in better and help you make better decisions. You could use your freelancing to fund your education or get more training to help your freelancing business.

Taking time off

The wonderful thing about freelancing is that you can set your own hours and work when you want to. However, the downside is that there is no paid vacation and no sick leave. This can be tough, especially if you want to take some time off. One of your annual goals could be to book a holiday and be able to take a few weeks off without going into the red in your bank account. This can also be a rewarding goal as you know you can put the work away for a week or two and not have to worry.


Most businesses rely on who you know as well as being good at what you do. Networking is a valuable skill to have and the ability to connect with people can be a huge bonus. Make an effort to meet new people, but not just for work. Freelancers have a habit of getting bogged down with their workload that they don’t get much time to socialise. Don’t let this happen to you. Get out there and meet new people. You may end up with some new clients or some new friends.
The possibility of goal setting as a freelancer is endless. What it all comes down to can be answered by asking yourself one question, what do you want to achieve with your business? If you can figure out where you want to be in a year, or five years, you can create an action plan and choose your goals to help make it happen.

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